What Does Your Financial Future Holds for You

Job Security

Job security is seriously waning even more just look at the news, recently Ford, one of our major conglomerate corporations has announced the closing of one of it’s best producing plants. This is devastating news to the auto industry and even more to the many workers employed there. Thousands of employees will be losing their main source of income with most having no back up plan or source of income to sustain their family’s lifestyle and livelihood. What does their financial future holds for them?


Families and individuals worldwide need to have a back up plan to secure their financial livelihood even if they have a good 401k plan. These days it is evident that 401k plans are not very secure. The Enron fiasco proves this along with other corporate financial wrong doings that took place several years ago. Families and individuals should have their own business whether it is part-time, full-time, just to increase and ensure their financial stability. With so many global opportunities available that are low cost and some even free, it is a simple decision of whether you should join or not. If the opportunity is legitimate, trying it would not hurt you financially. However, if you decide to join a network marketing company or start your own service business from scratch give it at least 2-5 years of you actively working the business in order to see some real results with the opportunity.

For low-income families, free and low cost opportunities should become a vital part of their financial portfolio so they can build a financial network that can produce vital income streams for the family’s livelihood. These opportunities may bring in small amounts of income but a network of 10 or more can be a substantial amount of additional income for you and your family. To protect yourself, you should have a lawyer review the opportunity to ensure that it is in fact a legitimate business opportunity. For a list of legitimate free and low cost opportunities go to [http://www.gtsexpress.com/dgm/programs.php] (low cost to free opportunities). You grow your income by creating or building a network of like-minded people. Simply introduce your opportunity to other low-income families in your community and show them how they can do the same to add additional sources of income to their household. After a year of doing this consistently, your family can pull itself, out of the low-income bracket for good while helping other low-income families in the process. It is a total win-win opportunity.

Downsizing (A Corporate Solution)

A corporate challenge – stop laying off workers without giving them viable avenues of replacing their main source of income, help them to start and run their own business. One serious and profitable way I see that a corporate downsizing can be beneficial for both the employee and the business is to incorporate a home-base business start up and training program. The employee can get into that will help the employee to continue to earn a living and that will give the corporate company a percentage of the employee’s profits. For example, the corporate company XYZ lays off 2,500 employees giving them a small compensation package of $35,000, or whatever is appropriate, and offer to set them up and train them to run their own home-based business that can benefit the community in which they live. At the time of the lay off, the company can then present a list of home-based business opportunities that they would assist the employ with getting set up and trained. For instance, the corporate company XYZ is environmentally conscience and helps its community with environmental projects yearly. The company can align itself up with a network marketing company or franchise that promotes environmentally safe products and services. The corporate company signs up as an affiliate or partner with the company to redirect these newly unemployed employees to the company and offer complete training and start up help. These same 2,500 downsized employees can now operate and run their own business that the corporate company XYZ helps them start. The employees can run this new company separately to help the corporate company bring in new revenue and help them to remain in business and to get back to financial solvency.

The funds from this new source of income can help fund other projects and provide other employees benefit. New amenities like a new employee daycare center, an employee health center, or an employee cafeteria, etc. can come from this new source of revenue. These funds can even provide for better insurance coverage and policies for employees. The 2,500 downsized employees do not have to stop being a revenue source for the company. Downsizing companies should provide this option for all their downsized employees to show the employees that help the company to grow and prosper that the company care and appropriate their many years of loyalty and that the company is willing to show their loyalty to them. If a company must downsize why not make the experience more palatable for all parties involved. A 20{5c84b89e0cba74b6d8cdc777bf9a8338d14dd91243071983e74bc62a6792d410} cut of the new home-based business owner you help to get started could prove to be a viable solution for everyone. It surely can ease the pain of losing one’s job a little easier to take.
Opportunities that corporate company XYZ can use are:

1. Environmental products/services

2. Medical Transcription

3. Office and home cleaning services

4. Network Marketing

– health products

– telecommunication services

– home-based travel agent

– and many more…

Auto manufacturers set up other car companies to sell other car models aside from the main model that have made them so famous and profitable. This concept works great and most people do not know that car manufacturers do not just make and sell their main automobile model but they actually make and sell other models like Toyota makes and sells the Nissan, the Altima, the Solaris, the Lexus, and their main model the Camry, plus others. Simply take this same concept and apply this to people, jobs, and opportunities and provide them to the employees they downsize. What if Toyota set up independent companies that help their downsized employees to set up and run their own home-based business from a list of opportunities they help train their newly unemployed ex-employees get started. This can even be part of their severance package. Ford can use this idea about now. Seth Godin said it best when he said, “Instead, the future belongs to people, to home businesses, that offer a wide range of very specific solutions to people who really want them,” Home Business Magazine, August 2006.

Community Improvement and Safety

Companies that partner with free and low cost Network Marketing and Franchise companies can set, their newly downsized employees, up in these companies. Then have them build their independent organization in low-income communities and help the residents of that community to help themselves with their financial situation instead of turning to drugs and/or stealing from the more affluent communities. The ex-employees can assist the low-income families to earn more income if they desire to do so. Helping low-income families to earn more can ultimately help cut down on crimes in both communities. For example, the main company can use or set up a training office that downsized/business owner can use to train and to recruit low-income individual on the opportunity that cost a mere $10 a month for a product or service.

The opportunity company should be a global company so that the low-income independent agents can grow their business globally by helping other low-income communities to do the same. If the corporate company has a plant or does business in that country they can use the downsized employees of that country to do the same or have key agents go over to that country to help set up the opportunity abroad. This would be highly useful and success if it helps to reduce poverty and crimes in low-income communities. Help stop the cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Start the cycle of the rich staying rich and the poor becoming more financially stable. Crimes of theft in neighborhoods are more likely to decrease with programs that help families to earn more. I am not talking about public assistance, welfare programs and such since these programs have not been that successful, and many people cheat these programs. This is a new millennium and businesses need to do business the new millennium way.