Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence by Usiere Uko

“Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence: Your Roadmap To Exiting The Rat Race And Living Your Dreams” by Usiere Uko is a good book on basics of managing your money, making the most of your life, and living your dreams with a little motivation thrown in.

If you have not read any books on this topic, this is a good place to start and you’ll most likely enjoy the book and gain from it. If, on the other hand, you have read a number of books in this field, you will most likely recognize many if not all of the lessons this book contains. I was in this latter category. Right from the start, I felt the book was influenced by Robert Kiyosaki, and not long into the book the author states that reading Rich Dad Poor Dad helped him on his way. There are twenty books listed in the Recommended Reading section, and I’ve read all twenty, so I guess that is why much of the book felt familiar. Topics included your mindset, spending below your income, good debt and bad debt, setting financial goals, making your talent pay, taking baby steps, planning your estate and more.

With that said, Uko does a very good job of presenting the information he presents, and even if it is similar to those books that influenced him, he put his own spin on it. So, again, if you have not read a lot of books in this genre by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, George Clason, Richard Templar, and others, you’ll enjoy and learn from this book. If you have read a lot of others, you’ll find reinforcement, but nothing new.

And like many of those other books in this genre, this book does a good job of motivating you to do things differently, but many people will need additional help to figure out just how to do what the author recommends. For example, it is easy to understand that you want assets that put money into your bank account each month, but how to you actually acquire those assets from where you are right now?

If you want a motivating, easy to read, inspiring book to change your mindset about money and point you in the right direction, give this book a chance. It will do just that. If you are looking for something new or technical and step-by-step, this is probably not what you are looking for. I recommend it to that former group.