Personnel Motivation – The Key to Business Success

For any company, no matter its size, your employees are the key to business success. If you treat your employees fairly and with respect, they will enjoy coming into work, take pride in working for your company and be far more likely to provide good customer service.

A happy employee is an employee who won’t “pull a sickie” because they don’t feel like coming into work. They will feel part of your company, feel trusted and will feel a responsibility towards you.

Of course, every employer has rules and guidelines to abide by, regarding the rights of their employees. But there are a few little extras you can do that can make a huge difference, to make your employees happy, improve business efficiency, save money on sick pay and, thus, improve your company’s success.

A Little Compliment Can Go a Long Way

If an employee has gone out of their way to make a deadline, has taken on some additional responsibility, worked hard or simply performed very well, making a compliment to show that you have noticed their efforts can have a very positive effect.

Feeling acknowledged and appreciated in one’s job is essential. It boosts morale and the person you complimented will feel inspired to keep up the good work.

It only takes a few moments of your time to let someone know you appreciate their work. The effects, however, are lasting.

Take an Interest

If you are the owner of a large company, of course it is all but impossible to get to know your employees to the extent that you know the names of their children, partners and grandchildren. It might be a good idea, however, to have your managers take an interest in the lives of those they supervise. Not to the level of where you seem to be poking into their business, but it can help to ask on occasion, for example, how the kids are doing.

An interest in your employees creates the feeling that you care, and they will not feel treated like a number there to just make money for you.

This, again, allows an employee to feel appreciated and bond with your company.

A Good Work Environment Does Wonders

If at all possible, allow your employees to have a drink at their desk or a snack.

Allowing people to personalise their work space can help, too, especially in a busy environment. A picture of the family, a little plant or knick-knack makes one feel more at home, which is important when spending a lot of time at work.

Small businesses will often allow employees to dress casual. If this is not possible in your company, perhaps it could be considered to have a casual dress day every now and again, at least for those who are not dealing directly with clients.


I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Most companies there follow the tradition of presenting each employee with a Christmas hamper as a “thank you” for their hard work throughout the year. Alternatively, employees may receive a gift certificate or a bonus.

If it is financially viable for your company to do something along those lines, you will find that such a gesture is received with appreciation. It does not have to be anything big or expensive, it truly is the thought that counts.

In Brief

A caring company, a company that recognises its employees’ worth and allows people to be people, is a company that works. People who are treated with genuine respect will return that respect and be inspired to great accomplishments.