MLM Success Secrets- The Two Unchanging Laws in Network Marketing

There are two unchanging laws in Network Marketing that most folks for whatever reason do not seem to teach, and I may catch some heat over this, but I would rather tell you the truth than not.

These two laws can create many things in MLM, including some things you don’t want:





Many times folks join a Network Marketing company, and are excited, and full of vim and vigor, and then find that the wind has been let out of their sails, and the gas siphoned out of their engines. But had they known a couple of things, it may not have been that way.

Reality many times is not taught in Network Marketing because it is skewed with a rare individual who explodes right out of the gate and everyone else expects that to happen. That is what these two MLM laws are about.

This will help make reality work for you, not against you as it often does. That is why many great people get out of this business. They don’t understand what the superior reality is to this business.

We taught these two laws to our distributors, and I believe that everyone should at least know this, and be made aware of it to at least understand the realities of what is going on.

You may not agree with it, but I have never met anyone who was successful that disagreed.

They tell it the way it is, not the way we would like it to be. But again, knowing them can help you make them work in your favor.

What are the two unchanging laws?

1) Most people that you talk to will not be who you are looking for.

2) Most people that you talk to will know who you are looking for.

Simple and to the point.

1) Most people that you talk to will not be who you are looking for.

That is so true. Most people in life are not really interested in taking on the responsibility of a business and their future. Most leave it to someone else that they feel can do it better and has more experience (and they end up working for others).

This is the truth. Either you accept it or you don’t.

Seven or even eight people out of ten will not be who you are looking for, but that is okĀ¦

Don’t let that get you down, because those same people will probably know who you are looking for, and also, these folks make great customers and referral sources.

2) Most people that you talk to will know who you are looking for.

This is the best part, because think about this. If you talk to people about your product or business, and you know that something positive is more likely going to happen for you than not, that is great news for you!

If whom you are talking to is interested, (and some will be) that is awesome! But if they are not, odds are, they know who you are looking for, and can help guide you to that person.

That is a secret to this business.

Everyone can help extend your reach into a bigger pool of possibilities!

Inferno Secret:

Look at everybody you contact as a doorway that can open doors and lead you to other people.

We taught this for years, and when people made the shift to this thinking, it really made a difference in how they were being perceived by the prospect.

Everyone knows people that need your product or even needs your business. Let them help you. Don’t be afraid of asking for their help in locating them, as many will. And even the ones who won’t, ask them if you can at least send them some of their friends some information.

Prospects can be a great doorway for you and your business.

But here is a million dollar question:

Will they be an entrance for success for you, or an exit from it?

Blessings… Doug Firebaugh

PassionFire Intl

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