Marketing MonaVie Properly is the Secret to Success

The proper marketing of MonaVie or any opportunity will be the secret to your success. Whatever company, product, service, or opportunity you choose to create wealth with you must learn to market. Consider this, even the old snake oil salesman sucked in prospects with a good pitch and going from town to town getting his wares in front of plenty of people. Add good marketing, a decent presentation and a product or opportunity like yours and you truly have a goldmine. Now, marketing can be expensive or as low as free.

Online marketing is especially effective if, and only if, you have the right training and the proper system. You must first consider your prospects. There are 3 main types of prospects for most products or services. First is a retail prospect who purchases the product for the sake of the product and its use. The retail customer requires a different type of marketing. You must focus on the benefits to them of your product. You have to illustrate that your product is the best for the cost and has the most value.

Second is an opportunity seeker who probably has no experience, needs training, and needs convinced of the possibilities of the business and of the the quality of the product or service. They need to be shown primarily that the opportunity is profitable and reach their goals of an opportunity. Usually opp seekers secondary concern is how good the product is.

Third is an active multi level marketer who may or may not be looking for a new opportunity but needs very little convincing and less training. Networkers are the best people to recruit into your business if you have a system that they can easily copy and helps you as well as them to attract others into the business. They often come with their own list of contacts and down lines to instantly grow your business and need very little convincing if you have proven that you can help them build their opportunity.

Now you can use similar marketing tools and techniques effectively if you know what you are doing for each type of client but you must consider your target before you start firing off those marketing dollars.

For example: Let’s say that you choose from the 3 types of prospects and decide you want to start prospecting for existing network marketers because they come with a list of contacts, already believe in home business opportunities, and are ready to get down to work. If you come at them bragging about how incredible your product is (retail style) and that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread they will instantly start into how great their product is and will try to sell you. If you come at them with how great your pay plan is (opp seeker style) and the awesomeness of the company, leadership, and superstars they will also come back by arguing the greatness of their company.

But what if you were to approach the network marketer, home business owner, or MLM’s offering them assistance in building their own business? That is what they are looking for, a way to reach success. What if you offered them a system that could help train them to market and drive qualified traffic to their opportunity? They would listen intently instead of competing with you. This is attraction marketing and getting them what they want most.

For instance, the hottest attraction marketing system available today offers training to marketers and business owners to help them build their business. It shows them how to use articles just like this one to attract the right people into their organization. This number one attraction marketing system offers free training to gather interest and then puts that training on steroids by going in depth into trainings on article marketing, video marketing, SEO, pay per click, banners, press releases, Twitter and Facebook marketing, blogging, list builders and forum marketing etc… Then the opportunity you are presenting comes on the back end only after you have developed trust and rapport.

Just the fact that you made it this far proves this point. Marketers are looking for a way to market whatever it is they are already in or just getting involved with. You can achieve extreme success if you learn the marketing technique I mentioned here.