Job Trend News: Home and Workplace Blur

New job trends can make a huge difference in your career advancement. Staying on top of the latest job trends can mean a faster and more lucrative career move.

For example, we’re all familiar with the trend of working from home–at least for a few hours a week. Many computer-driven businesses are seeing productivity advances by encouraging certain types of work from home.

Well there is another trend that can impact your job . . . bringing the advantages of home to the workplace.

Many organizations are taking the best aspects of home and incorporating them into the workplace. They are recognizing that work is becoming home for many employees.

For instance, 46 of the 100 best companies offer take-home meals to liberate workers from having to cook dinner. Or how about this: 26 of those 100 companies offer personal concierge services. This allows employees to outsource the details of buying flowers and birthday presents . . . or planning anniversary parties or bar mitzvahs.


Organizations are finding that providing such options makes bottom line sense:

1. It’s all part of the ongoing search for top talent. Offering these amenities is proving to be a strong recruitment tool.

2. It’s all about productivity. Companies find that they can relieve employees’ anxieties. Providing services or managing events that could distract them from their work focus increases their productivity.

You owe it to yourself to check these trends out. They may already exist with your current employer. But if you’re in the job market, negotiating these items can give your personal bottom line a serious boost.

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