Home Based Business Opportunity for the MLM Entrepreneur Through Amazing Mineral Supplement

Xtreme X2O. Not many people have heard of it…yet. This amazing new, organic mineral product has become the foundation of one of the fastest growing, home based businesses on the planet. People from all walks of life are interested in leaving the corporate “rat race” and starting their own, home-based business. Americans are looking around them today and seeing large companies fall apart, social security being eaten away, friends losing their “real jobs” through downsizing and the myriad of other calamities associated with life in the big city. This causes one to stop and think about what the real problem is and what can one do about it.

I live in a town that lives and breathes because of the automotive industry as well as a few other small manufacturing companies. Most recently our middle-sized town in middle-america has been knocked on its heels by the Delphi Automotive story http://www.topix.net/com/dph. If the other manufacturing plants in our town follow suit, there will be thousands of people with either no job or making just above minimum wage.

Many people try to go the home-based business or self-employed route every day only to find that it is much more difficult than they imagined. There are thousands of “business-in-a-box” systems available today ranging from purchasing a well established francise for hundreds of thousands of dollars to joining one of those things their cousin Jenny has gotten involved in that everyone thinks will never work. There are certainly scandalous companies around in the Multi-Level Marketing business arena but there are also thousands of people around the U.S. and other countries that have not only made a comfortable living but became millionaires in the process.

Xooma Worldwide launched in May of 2005 with the announcement of their flagship product Xtreme X2O. What is making this company rise above the rest is a number of attributes that most MLM companies do not possess. First and foremost, they actually have a legitimate product that is helping people get healthy. The product is very simple. X2O is a small sachet (or teabag) full of a coral calcium based product that is 100{5c84b89e0cba74b6d8cdc777bf9a8338d14dd91243071983e74bc62a6792d410} organic. You put the sachet in a bottle of water and drink it. That’s it. The other dilemma that Xooma has solved is the start up costs. There aren’t any. No hidden fees of any kind. Just start buying the product and if you don’t like it, you simply quit. No restocking fees, no cancellation fees and most important, no distributor sign-up fees. Finally, one major problem with most multi-level marketing companies is they start with no infrastructure to support their growing company. If they manage to get off the ground, they can’t keep up with the quickly growing demand. Here today, gone tomorrow and many people wake up to find their “investment” has disappeared. I met a young man named Frank Morgan who has become quite wealthy with Xooma Worldwide who told me that he has a check on his wall at home from a past MLM firm he was involved with for over $100,000. He never got to cash it because he woke up one morning and found the company had vanished. Xooma has a parent company called Health Through Nutrition (HTN) that has been around for over 13 years. They have all of the corporate support they need; web developers, shipping, accounting, legal, product development, etc. Both companies are being managed by people who have failed and succeeded in the home-based, multi-level marketing business who know what it takes to make the company thrive. The recurring theme and goal for Xtreme X2O is that it will someday be bigger than Gatorade. One of Xooma’s top distributors, Mr. Tommie Weber, says, “I can envision one million kids carrying a green bottle and drinking X2O. We’re changing the health of a generation.”

Xooma Worldwide and the home-based, mult-level marketing business model may have many skeptics but the proof is in the success. X2O is a successful product that has changed the health and wealth of thousands of people around the U.S. and 20+ foreign countries. With all of the automated systems for advertising and training available today, anyone really can get into a home-based business that can get them out of the “rat race” known as corporate america without having to recruit their cousin Jenny!