Florida Health Insurance – Clinton’s Proposal Will Lower Health Care Costs

Many Florida residents go without health care coverage because it is to expensive. While millions of Americans, nearly 47 million, go uninsured. Affordable coverage seems to be an idea of the past. Are you one of the millions in the state of Florida without health insurance coverage? If so you might want to take a closer look at Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her new promise to cover all individuals in our country.

FloridaHealthInsuranceWeb.com , in its continuing series, examines the 2008 presidential race and its impact on the State of Florida and how the election may effect Florida Health Insurance benefits and rates. Morgan Moran in a phone interview said a few candidates, Senator Hillary Clinton (D), Former Sen. Edwards (D), and Sen. Romney (R), have mentioned health care at various fund raising events in the past few weeks, but Hillary Clinton’s ‘American Health Choices’ insurance plan seems to be getting the most attention from the media, some calling it “very promising.” Insurance consultant Moran said, If you’re one of the tens of million Americans without coverage, or if you don’t like the coverage you have, “you will have a choice of health insurance plans to pick from and best of all, coverage will be affordable.” Of course, if you like the health insurance plan you have, you can keep it.

The Clinton camp posted on their website that “Clinton’s health care plan will secure, simplify and ensure choice in health coverage for all Americans”.

Clinton’s health care plan will secure, simplify and ensure choice in health coverage for all Americans. The insurance plan from Clinton differs in many ways from current health insurance plans. The new proposal provides tax credits for working families to help them cover their costs. Moran said, “The tax credits will ensure that working families never have to pay more than a limited percentage of their income for health care.” Some of the innovative ideas in this plan will put an end to discrimination for pre-existing conditions. The insurance companies will not be able to deny coverage to you anymore” health insurance consultant Moran said.

“Insurance companies won’t be able to deny you coverage or drop you” because their computer model says you’re not worth it. They will have to offer and renew coverage to anyone who applies and pays their premium. And like other things that you buy, they will have to compete for your business based on quality and price. “Families will have the security of knowing that if they become ill or lose their jobs, they won’t lose their coverage.”

The new array of choices offered in the Clinton plan will “provide benefits at least as good as the typical plan offered to Members of Congress”, which includes mental health parity and usually dental coverage. Clinton promises “that job loss or family illnesses will never lead to a loss of coverage or exorbitant costs.” One important thing to note, said Moran, “Americans who are satisfied with the coverage they have today can keep it, while benefiting from lower premiums and higher quality.” It looks like a win-win situation. Individuals will be required to get, and keep insurance in a system where insurance is affordable and accessible.

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