Five Major Business Trends That Will Impact Education and the Emerging Job Market

Baby Boomers Come of Age

Baby boomers are a huge demographic headed for retirement. The main element that separates this Baby Boomer generation from older generations is their attention to health issues and the length of time they have spent in the job market.

As generations grow older, there will be a greater need for specialized health care. Other areas that are likely to be impacted by the coming-of-age Baby Boomers include such industries as assisted living and social working.

Increasingly Effective Medicine

Innovations in the medical field along with the robust output of the pharmaceutical industry will help people to live longer; while maintaining the productivity of their lives. There are a growing number of adults who expect to work beyond the traditional normal retirement age. This trend will both demand and require a whole new generation of health care professionals and specialists that will be a major asset in helping to prolong the quality and vibrancy of life.

An Increased Need for Child Care Services

For people who work hard to maintain a certain standard of living, the need for high quality childcare services has resulted in a market place response with a variety of programs, such as pre-kindergarten educational programs that require highly trained educators. Traditionally a lower paying profession, childcare service is slowly becoming a more lucrative and stable career destination for many people. These educators are positioned to demand higher salaries than their predecessors.

Technology on the Move

There is never a shortage of ideas, and the fact that many American companies look to overseas for technology solutions should have no major impact on US technology professionals who have the skills and knowledge to effect upgrades and repairs. The world is competitive, and companies will continually need to provide their teams with competitive equipment and industry resources. IT, electrical, and cable Infrastructures will need to be updated on a continual basis.

IT professionals who have training and skills in networking and support should experience stable demand as companies come of age through the need to be and remain competitive on an on-going basis.

The Distribution of Work

The Distribution of work will continue to be a main impetus for the development of increasingly effective information networks. The term “hot desking” will become more familiar as consultants and business professionals continue to divide their time among diverse locations.

The need for education on demand will cause individuals to find the school programs that can allow them to get the industry-specific training needed to be successful in both their careers and lives. To stay ahead of the curve, business administration courses can teach you the skills needed to keep up with this competitive job market.