CMS Web Development Trends That Will Change Your Business

WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, and Drupal CMS systems are the most recent trend in the field of web development. With developers and website owners realizing that the employment of the efficient CMS is capable of delivering much more than just publishing content or posting pictures on the website.

Some of the web development trends that can magnanimously change your business include:

The first thing is capability of merging extensions with various themes. Design has now started melting with different functionalities. Various frames of WordPress such as Genesis and thesis have grown really popular owing to the fact that they are easy to use. They come with several plug-ins and others features that make it relatively easier for the SEO developers to employ them creatively in their website designing. With design and function working hand in hand, there are less chances of any disjoint. This results in a smooth functioning of the themes as for each individual part on the web pages, there is a separate java coding. The other most important aspect of the CMS trends in interoperability.

A website structure has to be one that pleases and attracts the users while also giving them ease of operations. The current industry demands a CMS structure where the users can log in from their other accounts. Not just this, they also want to extract data on other sites, while still on your site. In short, they

want to have a miniature World Wide Web experience while they log in into your site. All this needs to be managed through an effective web structure.

The most recent trend is the inclusion of mobile functionality. But while the digital landscape continues to change at such a rapid rate, what does the future hold for the CMS? The ongoing use of several smartphones like Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Tablet; marketing automation; social media as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut; clod computing, targeted online marketing tools; and various other trends in the online world have forced the vendors to think of novel ideas so that the customer base gets an excellent experience on their website. As the customers want to access the company information from anywhere on their hand sets, the mobile sites are becoming more popular.

Another trend is the conversion of CMS into “Web Experience Management (WEM)”. This helps the marketers to get in touch with their online customer base in a more sophisticated manner. One particular way of doing this is by customizing the imagery displayed and messaging depending upon the location of the customer and the keyword or key phrase used for search.

Another popular trend is CMS supporting marketing automation. Marketing experts continuously demand for world-class software that enable them to carry out their digital marketing in the most efficient way. But for this, they need to a master a multitude of software and learn to operate them. Here lies the role of CMS that eliminates the need to master different software by providing all processes at just one place.