Business Success Guarantees Business Longevity

The most important tool I use in building my businesses is my intuition.
I’ve discovered that when I trust my feelings and intuition more, I’m more able to see opportunities that others are missing. This is important as it allows me to make decisions and take action faster.
Here are a few tips on using your intuition to propel your business forward:

Focus: When you’re not focused, your intuition is not going to give you the insights that you need. You need to be clearly defined in your thinking, which will in turn allow you to use your intuition. Once I’ve found my focus, I trust them to provide the clarity I need. Sometimes I need to readjust my thinking and sometimes an idea just comes into my mind – I know they’re good ones so I trust them to keep me focused.

Trust: I’m not talking about trusting someone with your money, but trusting your intuition. Trusting those people who are providing you with information has some value in that they will have good motives. Trusting your gut is a much more powerful and effective tool. This trust allows you to trust your intuition to tell you what will and will not work and what you can charge for. Once you realize that your intuition isn’t wrong, it makes things easier. And once that happens, you can charge whatever you want – you have nothing to lose.

Take Action: I have discovered that the best times to take action are when I’m alone. I’m not talking about not working with others (I have other people that help me), I’m talking about being alone allows your intuition to do what it does best. It doesn’t get distracted or distracted by what other people are saying, it can do what it does best and that is see opportunities. One of the best times to move forward when you’re confused is when you’re alone. The Universe is always trying to get you to stay where you are and not act. So if your business is suffering, then you need to take action.

These tools allow your intuition to provide you with the information you need when you need it and you don’t have to do much thinking. It also allows you to be in charge of your business in a way that is empowering, which is what you really want. It will make you stronger and help your business get off of the ground.

There are many things that happen in one’s life that they cannot control; however, the biggest control they have is over their response to these things. When you can find a way to control your response to life; you will achieve success.