3 Reasons Why Network Marketing is a Good Internet Home Based Business Opportunity

Can you believe network marketing is a business model that has been around now for 50 years? However the way that businesses are built today has changed dramatically thanks to the Internet. In this article we will take a look at three reasons why network marketing is a good internet home based business opportunity for you to be in.

1. You can make a lot of money in 2 different ways. You do this by selling products at the retail level. Building a distributorship of your own and earning profits on the purchases and sales of everyone underneath you is another way to make money.

Selling products at the retail level is smart because this gives you cash flow to build your business. Some network marketers prefer to just retail products and earn a couple hundred dollars a month in profit.

It is possible to create a six-figure income as a network marketer by building a downline. Eventually you can develop residual income that allows you to retire and live off of the money you make every month from your network marketing business.

2. You can build your MLM business without leaving your home. This includes prospecting and enrolling new distributors, as well as selling products to customers.

Most network marketing companies offer a system for building your business. This includes getting leads, sorting to them using an autoresponder, and then following up directly with the serious prospects.

It also includes training through webinars and archived online training. You can also use online tools such as Skype to communicate directly with people via phone all over the world for free.

Thanks to the autoship selling products online is easy. When a customer joins your autoship program they are billed automatically every month. The MLM Company collects the money, ships the product, and pays you your commission.

3. You can join more than one network marketing company at a time. This is one reason that people are able to earn six and seven figure incomes as network marketers.

In the past you never would have had time to prospect and enroll new distributors in more than one opportunity. You can join multiple MLM companies and build as many online businesses as you want today because of automation.

In summary these are 3 reasons why network marketing is a good internet home based business opportunity for you to be involved in. A smart way to do network marketing today is by using the Internet to make money both in retail profits and building a downline.